Frontend Engineer - Remote

Job description

We are looking for an exceptional frontend engineer to join our remote team in building a proprietary e-commerce system built to become the dominant sales platform for the medical cannabis market.

You will be working with both a Brazil based remote team and a business team that is US based. You will report to our VP Engineering who is currently Brazil based.

What you will do
* Design, build, test and maintain single page applications and front-end features
* Continually look for ways to improve the performance and user experience of our site
* Write clean, performant code in accordance with our team's code style guidelines
* Work to improve and maintain the code health of our front-end code
* Collaborate with team leads and stakeholders to ensure that we're always building the best possible solution in the optimal way
* Participate in peer code reviews
* Collaborate on GraphQL API design
* Share expertise with other members of the team

Our tech stack
* Backend: NodeJS, Ruby on Rails (Legacy), Go(Legacy)
* DB: MongoDB, ElasticSearch
* Frontend: Relay, React, Redux, Webpack
* Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, RabbitMQ

* 6+ years of professional software development experience
* 2+ years working with a functional programming paradigm
* You're an expert in JavaScript and related tooling such as Webpack
* You're experienced with React + Redux and Relay
* You're obsessed with redux-saga and redux-form
* You're an expert with GraphQL
* You're used to work following tdd and bdd practices
* Unit, integration and e2e tests, using tools as such as jest, mocha, chai and sinon
* Familiarity with front-end performance
* Worked with at least two large scale SPA projects, including Server Side Rendering
* Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
* Unit, integration and e2e tests, using tools as such as jest, mocha, chai and sinon
* You're obsessed to work with bleeding edge technologies and is always trying to evolve yourself technically

Application requirements
* Applicants will be sent a Hackerrank test within 1-3 days of applying.
* Test must be completed within 5 days.