Inspired Lead Developer

In this job, you'll be challenged like never before. But not in the way you're used to. Not on the technical stuff. We know you can do that (and you will get to do that, for sure).

No, we'll challenge you on a personal level, to let go of all the little places where you're playing small, hiding, doing what's familiar, instead of what's right or what's needed or what serves or what really makes a difference.

We will see you. We will love you. It's okay to feel stuff, to be sad, happy, confused, excited, upset, playful. We understand.

Working for Simplero will impact your life all around: Your relationships. Your health. your body. Your self-image. Your family. You will not be the same person you were.

If you're the right person for us, you're going to absolutely love the transformation and love being here. There will be no holds barred.

Are you in?


  • Great developer

  • Love writing code

  • Love working with other people writing code

  • Smart as heck! Mensa member?

  • Great at thinking clearly

  • Good at communicating because you’re great at thinking clearly

  • Love solving problems

  • Good at reading code, commit messages, understanding code

  • Know how to invest resources wisely

  • PLUS: Good at hiring other smart developers

  • PLUS: Good network of other smart developers to hire from

  • PLUS: A Mechanic in the Wealth Dynamics system

Simplero is a fantastic place to work if you…

  • Love growing personally, learning more about yourself

  • Love learning new things

  • Love being involved in helping other people grow and live their purpose

  • Love working with other smart people who are disciplined and take their responsibility very seriously, while also being relaxed, having fun, and care about and supporting each other.

  • Love being of service

Software details

  • Rails 5.2

  • MariaDB 10.2  for most data needs, PostgreSQL for logging

  • React with Relay,GraphQL, EcmaScript, etc. for certain parts of the UI

  • ElasticSearch, Memcached

  • Liquid for our themes/templating system

  • Deployed on AWS, Fastly for content delivery

  • We’ve built our own in-house logging system that makes it very efficient to track down weird bugs (or user error) when they do happen

  • We love paying off technical debt and staying current with technologies

  • We have good test coverage, and we always keep our test suite green

  • We deploy early and often, and fix issues quickly

Why you should apply

  • You’ll be doing incredible things (and have fun doing it) with a committed and enthusiastic team

  • You’ll make a huge and direct difference in MANY people’s lives on a product they use daily.

  • Once you’re part of the team, we root for you and encourage you in going where you need to go in your life.

  • Huge opportunities for personal growth. Working at Simplero is a life-changing experience, just ask around on the team.

  • Work from anywhere, extremely flexible

  • Salary and profit sharing

  • Private and bootstrapped company, no political BS, no positioning company for IPO to the detriment of users and team members

  • Three team retreats a year: This year we've been to Woodstock, NY, Palermo, Sicily, and next month we'll meet in Tisvilde, Denmark.

To apply: Send an email telling us why you're the right fit, along with a resume, to [email protected]