About Us

We do not believe in hierarchy, experience measured in years or seniority determined by the color of your hair (or lack of it!). We want each member to contribute to our journey to their fullest ability without any hesitations. If you have a rational thought, skill to execute, grit to see it through multiple failures and confidence to admit mistakes, we want you! We also believe that humans are not made for 2+ hours of commute every day. We want your physical and mental freedom do be only defined by your drive and sense of responsibility. If we can count on you, we want to work with you!

  • CAPX was conceived and founded by Rocky Gor. Rocky has been in the world of corporate finance and M&A since 1998. Most recently, he was a managing director at GE Capital and then Wells Fargo. Over the years, he has executed transactions as small as $15 million to as large as $2+ billion in virtually every industry and across the globe.
  • After years in the deal business and a stint as the interim CEO for a VC owned firm, Rocky decided to apply what he had learned to change corporate finance. Rocky is responsible for the basic concept, product features, processes, logic, economic model, overall execution and financing of CAPX.
  • Our tech team consists of seasoned developers with 10+ years of experience. Each developer has a bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science along with development experience in fields as diverse as financial services, business services, 3D graphics, medical services and retail.
  • In addition to AWS and related DevOps tools, Javascript and related technologies/frameworks are the key skills used by the team daily. Team members also have the track record of creating production apps/systems based on Ruby, Rails, Java, C#, etc.




Marketplace, Capital Markets, Financial Technology