About Us

Yumpingo is bringing big data to the restaurant industry, with a deeper and broader knowledge of what people eat, where and when, than any other source. Over the last 18 months we have built a food intelligence platform for restaurants that captures more live diner reviews than any other. Our mission is to enable the world to find, serve and share more food we love.

Over the last year we have established our B2B SaaS platform delivering unique dish-level insights at unprecedented scale. Guests complete our 1-minute review at the end of the meal, either on Yumpingo devices, which replace traditional bill presenters, or on their own device. We help restaurants and groups to develop new dishes, improve consistency across venues, optimise food quality, increase margins and enhance their marketing. We’re already working with some of the leading restaurant brands in the UK.

Other than that, we’re a friendly and passionate bunch of engineers, data scientists and food experts based in Covent Garden, London, who are working together to help the world serve better food.






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  • Gary Goodman