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At StayWell, we believe in the transformational power of health. Through the science of behavior change, education and inspiration, we have taken the guess work out of healthy living. And we do this by empowering people to take active roles in their own health – whether they’re patients, employees, or individuals just trying to stay well. We help inspire people to become healthier, happier employees at work. We help them have a more balanced and rewarding life at home. And we provide information that helps make patients smarter. In fact, everything we do maximizes the likelihood of the best possible outcomes. Which has a positive impact on families, businesses and communities. Because there is no mission more important than improving human health.

StayWell has a 40-year history of unparalleled expertise in improving health – whether at the point of care, in the workplace, or at home. But we know that every day the way people consume information is changing. We are continually working to integrate our proven, evidence-based solutions into forward-thinking, tech-driven delivery mechanisms, ensuring that we provide people with the right information, at the right time, and in the right way to maximize our impact on health outcomes. Our organization places great weight on technical innovation, and we’re looking for awesome tech talent to catalyze our momentum.

Our team is nearly 100% remote. We create several different product lines related to our health and wellness business and patient education content. Our history, our access to member and patient data, and the relationships we have established put us in a very unique position of truly being able to make a difference as it relates to improving our healthcare system.



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