About Us

WSM is a specialized services & solutions integrator with a core focus on cloud & server migration, transformation, & DevOps services. WSM created the server migration services industry in 2003, and today is the largest specialized migration services provider in the world, having completed more migrations than all other competing service providers - combined. WSM has amassed hundreds of thousands of hours in planning and executing migrations, transformations, development and management of literally all composition and configuration of servers, workloads, applications, and complex IT infrastructures. As a technology-agnostic SI focusing on migration and transformation services, we bring a custom-tailored cloud migration, transformation, adoption and DevOps solution set for every customer and partner.

WSM advanced services include:

  • Migration Planning, Discovery & Assessment
  • Server & Application Dependency Mapping
  • Target Architecture Design & Planning
  • Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • DevOps Strategy, Toolchain Implementation & Training
  • Auto-Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Security Vulnerability Scanning and Hardening; Compromised Server Recovery
  • Web/Application/Workload Development, Load Testing & Performance Optimization
  • Server Monitoring and Server Workload/Application Maintenance

WSM advanced products and services deliver a total transformation, cloud adoption and DevOps solution, enabling WSM partners and customers to optimize both initial on-boarding and ongoing hosting operations.






Cloud Services, Enterprise Web Solutions, Cloud Computing