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About Us

PowerInbox is revolutionizing the email industry by bringing real-time content and advertising to static mail programs, dramatically boosting revenue and engagement.

PowerInbox does not send emails but rather is an email enricher, providing content & ads for the emails sent by our customers (ABC, Popular Science and others). With mobile now representing over 50% of email opens and volume of sends increasing, it is getting harder to maintain relevance and get your users to click on your message. PowerInbox provides an easy to implement solution that combines real-time capabilities, dynamic animation, device and geographic targeting with personalization to ensure a new revenue stream from higher clickthrough rates.

PowerInbox works with all existing mail programs and is enabling organizations like the ABC and Hearst to deliver new, unique, creative and effective programs. With over 150 clients and embedded in 2 Billion emails a month, the company is poised for rapid growth. The company is backed by Battery Ventures among other leading VCs. More info can be found here:

Our company culture is based on remote working and we are looking for people who are self-motivated and can thrive in such a setting.





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