About Us

LogisticsExchange (LE) is a fast-paced, early stage startup focused on transforming the way B2B transportation is bought and sold. LE’s digital platform allows buyers and sellers to execute binding, enforceable contracts. Automated opportunity analytics allow members to quickly identify the best fits in their portfolio for digital LE Forwards contracts. Proprietary matching and rating algorithms ensure buyers and sellers align on critical service and performance requirements. Smart, standardized contracts and active monitoring through execution ensure contractual obligations are honored. And if either counterparty’s needs change, LE’s trading platform provides the liquidity to close out positions.

The engineering team

We are a diverse, distributed, and highly motivated team of engineers, working closely together with other teams of the company to advance the development of our modern, microservices-based analytics and trading platform, and to deliver exciting new product features to our customers.

The way we work together as a team is based on three principles - transparency, trust, and ownership. To spark creativity and solve hard problems, we

  • challenge ourselves to think and act like product owners, not just code owners,
  • are passionate to share our work, knowledge, and learnings with the team,
  • believe in working in small and agile teams, and
  • are happy to both give and take on responsibility.

As a new member to our growing team, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to dive into exciting projects, work on core services and functionality of our platform, and grow quickly with the team.




Logistics And Supply Chain, Data & Analytics, Financial Technology